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Solid experience in the translation service industry

Our vast experience in the translation service industry allows us to guarantee high quality service and the 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Professional Document Translation

Modern civilization would not function without the circulation of documents. Documents are used in all spheres of human life and are one of the main elements of the modern world's communication system.

Benefits of translating documents with our company

The document translation is one of the primary functions of Alliance-Alpha Translation Services. Over our 17-year history as a company, we have selected highly skilled translators with specific areas of expertise while improving our work processes and quality control system. This enables us to guarantee efficiency, high-quality work and affordable prices.

To ensure quality and to optimize work processes, each order is categorized into one of our thematic categories and assigned to a relevant translator:

Services that accompany document translation

To fully translate a document, it may not be enough to simply translate the text. Translation of graphic elements as well as formatting and layout services may be required to obtain an end result that matches the source document (only in another language). We also provide these services at a professional level and affordable rates.

How is the price of a document translation determined?

The cost to translate a document is based on the size and complexity of the document's text content. If formatting and layout work are also required, the cost of these additional services is quoted separately and added to the total cost of the order.

We guarantee our customers affordable prices while providing high quality services. If you'd like to verify this, order a free test translation.

Reasonable Prices and an Optimal Quality to Price Ratio

For years, we have optimized our processes and methods while selecting professional translators and editors to produce the best Quality-Price Ratio.

Free Test Translation

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we offer a free test translation service for potential clients, so you can be confident, too.
(Order a free test translation)

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