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Solid experience in the translation service industry

Our vast experience in the translation service industry allows us to guarantee high quality service and the 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Professional Legal Translation

Legal translation is the translation of documents related to the field of law and is used to exchange legal information between parties that speak different languages. Since law is a subject area related to the socio-political and cultural aspects of a country, legal translation is difficult. To ensure a quality translation of legal information, the language of translated legal documents needs to be particularly accurate, clear and reliable.

Features of our legal document translation

We understand that, in cases of legal translation, an increased responsibility falls to the translator since the price of an error in a legal document is very high. A translator's professional capability often determines the outcome of commercial transactions, financial transactions, diplomatic relations and sometimes human lives. Therefore, Alliance-Alpha Translation Services uses only select translators and editors with specific expertise to perform legal translations.

The translation of legal documents is considered to be one of the most complex types of translation. Legal texts often use many special terms and legal formulations, complex turns of phrase, long and complicated sentences, in which it can be difficult to grasp the meaning, even after several read-throughs. Understanding such texts and their full meaning requires the use of a lawyer or a translator that has extensive experience in performing legal translations. However, understanding the meaning is only half the battle. The translator must also adequately communicate the meaning in the target language while selecting the necessary terms. It's no secret that the same word can have several dozen meanings in another language. If the translator does not have the adequate qualifications, it becomes immediately noticeable through the incorrect choice of terminology. Therefore, the key to a quality translation is the use of a highly qualified translator and their specific knowledge regarding the legal field.

We realize the importance of accurate legal document translation. The exact translation of legal documents, international contracts and agreements, laws of other countries, judicial documents and government decrees depends on a comprehensive knowledge of legal jargon. Our translators are competent in various legal areas, such as contract law, labor law and many other areas. They will be able to provide you with quality translations for your documents.

Legal translation for corporate customers

Alliance-Alpha Translation Services has a wealth of experience in translating various legal documents. We are ready to accept and ensure the high quality translation of legal documents of any size. For corporate customers, we offer translation of

  • contracts,
  • tender documents,
  • customs documents,
  • normative documents,
  • legislative documents, and
  • constitutional documents.

We understand the importance of a timely delivery of the highest quality services. We believe that effective project management is the key to the successful implementation of any project, as well as the establishment of a mutually beneficial partnership with our customers.

Reasonable Prices and an Optimal Quality to Price Ratio

For years, we have optimized our processes and methods while selecting professional translators and editors to produce the best Quality-Price Ratio.

Free Test Translation

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we offer a free test translation service for potential clients, so you can be confident, too.
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