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Solid experience in the translation service industry

Our vast experience in the translation service industry allows us to guarantee high quality service and the 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Professional Literary Translation

Literary translation is the translation of artistic texts, which can be fiction, advertising materials, slogans, various descriptive or figurative texts, and so on. Such texts are different from legal, technical, medical and other similar texts (where the main intention is to provide accurate information). The main intention of artistic texts is to communicate emotions, artistic images and achieve a specific aesthetic impact.

Features of our literary translation

The literary translators and editors working for Alliance-Alpha Translation Services have advanced skills in analyzing artistic content and are fluent in multiple languages, which allows them to recreate expressions and artistic ideas within the translated text. One can also attribute the translation of promotional materials as well as the off-screen translation of films and videos to literary translation. Over the course of our history, we have completed a number of translation projects for various books and philosophical treatises. To perform this type of translation, we strongly recommend that you use the services of a native speaker. That way, you can avoid possible stylistic errors.

Difficulties in literary translation

Literary translation is the culmination of several steps: the actual translation of the text, the preservation of the author's style, the transference of the author's nuanced language use, and the adaptation of the text to the cultural characteristics of the target language's audience. The primary goal of translating a literary text means generating a text in the target language that is capable of providing an artistic and aesthetic impact.

Analysis of literary translations shows that, in connection with the aforementioned issues, deviations from exact semantic accuracy are common in order to maintain the artistic nature of the translation.

Literary translation sub-categories

Separate sub-categories of literary translation are determined, depending on the original text and how it fits into a certain genre of fiction. Examples of these sub-categories are: poetry, plays, satirical works, artistic prose, songs and more.

Literary translation services

These services are in high demand within the translations market. Working with fiction, only a professional translator with exceptional experience with translating literary texts can perform truly high-quality work. Nevertheless, literary translation is always difficult to judge in terms of quality due to possible significant deviations from literal translation. It is no surprise that the same work translated by different specialists can leave very different impressions upon its readers. Therefore, many translators state that literary translation is, by and large, the creation of a new piece of art. The impact of this new art is strongly determined by inspiration, subjective understanding of the original content and the depth of source text analysis.

The following materials are considered literary translation:

  • Fiction
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Illustrated booklets
  • Promotional materials
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Trademarks
  • Slogans and PR texts

Reasonable Prices and an Optimal Quality to Price Ratio

For years, we have optimized our processes and methods while selecting professional translators and editors to produce the best Quality-Price Ratio.

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